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Your Complete Backflow Management Program

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A Custom Solution to You

Tracking 90,000+


Real-Time Data

Access from Anywhere in the world!

30+ years of Combined Experience

What We Offer

iBackflow is a web-based complete management system for backflow / cross-connection control programs. Backflow assemblies are tracked, mapped, and inspected via a cloud-based database system.

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Why Choose iBackflow

Custom Pricing Tiers

Easy, Affordable Cloud-Based Software, that no other company can touch.  Also, enjoy as many users as you need at no additional cost.

Program Automation

Get Free Updates, and free Utility-Led software enhancements, with automated reminders, and/or notification letters.  Custom reports are also available.  All updates are tested before released and with No downtime.

Real-Time Data

Get an Up-To-The-Minute Compliance Dashboard, and collecting Real-Time data from testers in the field. Each backflow is geocoded for location

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Tester Certification Verification

The testers certification is verified behind the scenes with notification sent when their certification is about to expire.  iBackflow can also track test kit information and calibrations. 

How does it work?

  1. Notifications are sent to water customers before their next backflow test is due.

  2. Customers contact a utility-approved certified tester.

  3. Backflow tester inspects the device, and enters the test results into the web-based system.

  4. The tester pays a small reporting fee to iBackflow.

  5. Test reports are automatically generated and stored with the device record.

  6. Utilities review their program weekly or monthly.

  7. Non-compliant devices are highlighted for the utility to review and remediate.

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